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Pilgrim Lutheran School

Pilgrim Lutheran School is a private Christian school located in Mesa, Arizona and has National Private School Accreditation and is associated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), whose schools have been educating children for over 150 years. Pilgrim provides students from preschool through eighth grade with an excellent Christian education and assists families in growing in the knowledge of God's Word enabling them to better serve God.

Raising Hands

Pilgrim Offerings

  • A Christ-Centered Curriculum

  • Computer Technology

  • Comprehensive Music Program

  • Extensive Athletic Program

  • Smart Boards in Each Class room

  • Competitive Tuition Rates

  • National Private School Accreditation

  • Highly Trained and Educated Teachers and Staff

  • Participation in the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program

Parent Teacher Organization

Pilgrim Lutheran School's Parent Teacher Organization is open to all parents, guardians, and teachers who as a group work together to coordinate many events that benefit our school including those listed in the PTO Calendar of Events below.

  • Raising money for school needs not covered in the regular budget.

  • Supporting sporting events.

  • Working to clean and improve the school building and grounds.

  • Promoting our school in the community.

  • Assisting with school functions.

  • Providing assistance with school safety.

  • Assisting with Pilgrim's lunch program.


President - Heather Zwick

  • Organizes and plans the agenda for each PTO meeting as well as facilitates the meeting.

  • Oversee that all events and the offices of PTO are successfully completed.

  • Ensures that any areas that need improvement are addressed and corrected.

  • Suggests revisions to the PTO constitution when and if needed.

  • Facilitates the expenditure of PTO funds generated during the course of the year.

Vice President - Michele Bayer

  • Stands in for President if absent for PTO meeting.

  • Facilitates PTO meeting by keeping the meeting moving and focused on agenda items.

  • Acts as Pilgrim hot lunch coordinator.

Secretary - Kim Drexler

  • Records the PTO minutes at each meeting.

  • Requests publication on the Pilgrim web site by the web master.

  • Requests approval of minutes at the next meeting.

  • Assists the other Officers in their duties, as needed and assists in the necessary functions of the PTO Board.

Treasurer - Ben Kucenski

  • Provides quarterly financial reports to the Board of Education, pastors, and school principal.

  • Submits financial records in conjunction with church financial audit.

  • Maintains the bank account and reconciles prior to each meeting.

  • Writes checks (make payments) that have been approved by the PTO.

  • Keeps track of the deposits and payments made in each designated fund.

  • Reports at all business meetings the financial status of the organization and the balance of each designated fund.

  • Takes deposits to the bank.


Book Fair - Fall and Spring

Trunk or Treat - October

Holiday Gift Shop - December

PTO Yard Sale - January or February

Lent Soup Supper - February 

Candy Grams - Christmas and Valentine's Day

Box Top Contest

Fat Cats Fundraiser

Image by Avel Chuklanov
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Pilgrim Fundraising

Thank you to all of you who have shown your love and support towards the youth and children of Pilgrim by taking a few extra minutes of your own personal life by bringing the following items to Pilgrim so that they can turn into fundraising dollars!  You've already purchased these items, so there is no extra cost associated.  Bring in your boxtops, cardboard, receipts and cans, use your script and shop at the merchants that support our school.

Aluminum Cans

By bringing your aluminum cans, they turn into fundraising dollars to help the ChrisTeens' group with their yearly youth rally travel expenses.

Box Tops for Education

You can find these on all sorts of grocery items, such as General Mills Cereals, Ziploc bags, Hefty trash bags, Green Giant vegetables, and many others (  So, before you throw out your cereal box, make sure you cut off the Box Top!  You may also download the FREE Box Tops App to your phone.  The app allows you to scan your receipt and earn extra bonuses.  Download the app at


Shoparoo is an app.  With the app, you just take a picture of your receipt from the grocery store, restaurant, pharmacy, pet store, or wherever you purchase your items.  Once your receipt is recorded, your receipt turns into points, then the points turn into fundraising dollars.  If you don't have the necessary item available to download the app, simply turn your receipts into Pilgrim (there's a box labeled as Shoparoo located in the narthex that you can drop your receipts into).

Coca-Cola Products

On every 2-liter or 20oz bottle cap, there's a code, along with a code located inside a 12-pack or a case of Dasani Water.  Bring these codes in and the codes will earn points.  The points will then turn into cash for Pilgrim School.  Or, you can also create your own account at and donate your points to Pilgrim as well.

Script Gift Cards

For those that have an account set up with and have not linked your account to Pilgrim, contact the Scrip coordinators for the school code.  By having an account at Shop With Scrip, this will allow you to order e-cards that you can use immediately to retailers such as Amazon, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, and many others, without having to wait until Sunday morning to purchase your cards.  Pilgrim will hold back a small percentage of your total rebates and up to 90% is your to decide on how you would like the rebate amount to be distributed.  Unlike the normal Pilgrim Scholarship Fund that is only for Pilgrim member's child(ren), a separate fund has been set up for the rebates to be distributed to all students of Pilgrim Lutheran School.  For more information, please speak with the Scrip Coordinator.

Fry's Community Partners Program

Enroll your Fry's VIP Card at  Once you're there, click on the Community pull-down link, then select Community Rewards from the options.  This will bring up another page and then select the ENROLL NOW button towards the bottom of the page.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

If you're a Thrivent member, Thrivent will give you dollars that you can donate back to Pilgrim once or twice a year.  Make sure you keep your ears open as to when those donation times are so that you may be able to do so.  For all the Thrivent Choice dollars donated, those dollars go into the Pilgrim Scholarship Fund to help Pilgrim members who have decided to send their child(ren) to Pilgrim Lutheran School.

Amazon Smile

Pilgrim is a choice on Amazon Smile.  If you like to shop at Amazon, make sure that you choose Pilgrim School to show your support for Pilgrim!  Amazon and Amazon Smile are the same but the "smile" address gives back!

Paper & Cardboard

We all get junk mail!  Don't just throw away your paper and mail, bring it to Pilgrim and place it in the paper recycling bin at the west end of the parking lot.

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